What outfits should I bring for my photo shoot?

We have a large collection of outfits that you can choose from. But because it would be impossible for us to have all the sizes of clothing needed for all the women we shoot, we ask our clients to bring their own clothing to the shoot. This is not a reason to go into a panic! The best advice we can give you is not to overthink it. Just bring us a lot of options. You don't have to have the outfits figured out.  Will do all of that the day of the shoot. Just bring us lots to choose from.

Here are some suggestions of some fun things to bring:

  • Matching bra and panties sets.
  • Lots of extra panties and thongs too, to pair with other items.
  • Corsets
  • Baby tees, tank tops, little cardigan sweaters, and hoodies.
  • Tailored button-up shirts.
  • Short dresses, miniskirts.
  • Low rise jeans.
  • Don't forget jewelry!
  • And last but not least… Shoes! High-heeled boots, stilettos, sandals. Any of these items will give you a finished look.

What Clothing should I avoid?

Unless you are looking for a special fantasy in your photos, avoid anything that looks like a costume, and cheap club wear. Also, solid flat black or white outfits typically do not photograph well.


Where do we do the photo shoot?

The photo shoot location depends on how WILD your imagination is. Wildcamera will do photo shoots almost anywhere you may want. We can shoot outdoors, in a secluded location. We can do indoor photo shoots, at a home, apartment, or a hotel room are all good. Deciding on and securing a location is the client's responsibility.


How should I be prepared for the photo shoot?

Unless a hair and makeup person has been hired, present yourself the way you would go out for a night on the town. Makeup can be applied after the deciding of outfits. A good quality spray tan is nice if you would like unless you're looking for a paler look. This should be done a couple of days prior to the photo shoot.

Should I shave or wax before my shoot?

If you wax it should be done two days before the shoot. Shaving should be done as early as possible the day of the shoot. Up to a few hours before the shoot time. This will give the skin time to recover, and will look natural.

Any other skin preparations?

Before heading to the photo shoot apply a nice moisturizer to your skin. This will give it a healthier look. Use a product that is not oily, as this will reflect light. If nude or semi-nude photos are to be taken, avoid wearing undergarments or anything that will create strap marks. The skin takes time to recover from strap marks, so it's best to avoid them.

Manicure or pedicure?

Yes, the small details will make the photos better. So don't forget the fingers and toes, make them pretty too.